The company started to develop its business in 1992 with the intention of completing a supply program in the field of structural and technical plastics based on organic polymers and polyurethane elastomers intended for industrial applications on the Slovak market.

Gradually, our company has transformed into its present form and has added to its portfolio a range of other activities and new types of materials.

Thanks to the extensive knowledge of plastics, the company is also a major contributor to the cooperation of engineering companies.

Our company cooperates internationally with various suppliers, subcontractors and customers.

The portfolio of our interests and services as well as our business partners is growing to this day.

We are the winner of the RELIABLE MANUFACTURING COMPANY. Stamp awarded: NIS SR, a.s. We are also the holder of the Bisnode AAA - HIGHEST CREDITWORTHINESS certificate for 2020.

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  • Sale of semi-finished products - slabs, bars, prisms, cuts
  • Metal and plastic coating of polyurethane + mold making
  • Dividing materials
  • Plastic injection molding including mold making
  • Custom production of plastic products according to supplied drawing documentation, including development and prototypes
  • Production of tanks for the chemical and food industry
  • Guidance

Materials and products for industries:

  • Engineering
  • Mining and energy
  • Automotive and transport technology
    • Rosettes for snowmobiles
    • Elevator pulleys
    • Snow plows
  • Construction
    • Blades to mixers
    • Conveyor rollers
    • Sewer hatches
  • Health and food
    • Packaging technology
    • Medical aids
  • Chemical industry