Damping rings

  • TP1 damping ring
The TP1 damping ring is for roadways including heavy duty traffic areas accessible to all types of road vehicles. The TP1 prevents the concrete parts of manholes being destroyed by extreme use by dampening up to 85 % of the original value’s impact and can absorb the unevenness of concrete items.


TP1 is made of ROVASPUR material that has:
  • high durability
  • excellent mechanical properties
  • chemical resistance
  • minimal permanent deformation
  • high wear resistance
It is used in a great variety of applications needing high shock and vibration damping.
Damping rings of different dimensions and shapes are available.

TP1 ring properties:
  • Product type:         TP1
  • Product code:        PP50015
  • Load class:       E600 acc. to CSN EN 124
  • Dimensions:       842-625 / 30-40 mm
  • Thermal resistance:  -30°C to +100°C long term, +120°C short term
  • Weight:         8,4 kg
  • Packaging:          20 pcs / palette